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Stephanie Rice: Guestbook


August 9, 2008

u are really good

Zett Aguado

April 26, 2008

I can't wait to see you perform in person--I remember your powerful voice whilst at Parsons--those late night (all night) all nighters at Union Square West; and now look at you. Even in photo, your presence illuminates. Please post your future performances/cities.


Darnell Bender

April 18, 2008

Best wishes on your endeavors. Use your talents to the benefit of God and your fellow man.


April 17, 2008

Your music is simply amazing, breathtaking, I know very good music, so I know when I have heard good music.

The world needs to hear about the talent that God has blessed you with.



March 17, 2008

When I think of you Stephanie, I immediately think of qualities like dedication, creativity, ambition, soulfulness, versatility and first of all your most precious gift: your voice, which touched me from the first moment I heard you sing! You´re a great performer on stage, able to convey emotions in your songs and personally your simply a lovely down-to-earth person. U know I love what you do and I´m glad I met you....just keep it up!!!


March 15, 2008

sounds nice!

Jonnette lance

March 12, 2008

Kevin sent me your guestbook to sign. I just want to say, your singing is how I imagine an angel would sound. Perfect.

Sabrina M. Rice

February 25, 2008

Stephanie is a phenomenal woman. She is an excellant singer, writer, actress and band leader. She doesn't let sucess go to her head. I love you Steph very much and am very proud of you. Love you sister, Sabrina

Stephanie Rice

February 24, 2008

To My Dear Guests,
I'd like to thank all of you so much for your support, love & comments. I just got back from Europe earlier this month. I say just got back because it takes around a week or two just to get over the jet-lagg. He, he, he I was a groggy mess but now I'm fine. The tour :"That Spirit" was a great one as for talent, audiences and places visited. Queen Esther, The Harlem Gospel Singers and I performed all over Germany, Austria, Prague, Bratislava, Switzerland, The Czech Republic and Paris. I love going overseas because it keeps my mind open to different cultures and new experiences. The audiences are so receptive, the people are so nice and it always feels good to be appreciated both talent wise and personally. But sometimes it can get lonely and when those times come, when I get home sick or sad, I depend on my husband's voice of on the other line, my family and this year I was able to find comfort in all of your words. When I saw your messages, they truely warmed my heart and made me feel really good, loved.
Thanks you everyone for all of your well wishes and compliments. And this year will be a great year for all of us. I feel more productive than ever. New opportunities are popping up everywhere and I also search and digg for more. Please continue to check out the site, . It's constantly being updated with more pix & video and other info. I also have a myspace site. Also, if you hear of any projects that you feel may be a good thing for me to be involved in, please feel free to contact me.
I love you all as my Fan Family and I thank you for caring.

Love always,

Rosie Anderson

February 23, 2008

Stephanie you are so talented can't wait to see you. If you come to the west coast let me know.


February 3, 2008

I love your new page. You are so talented. Stay on the road to success you are doing great!
Love ya Mom #2


February 2, 2008

saw you this and last year at the harlem gospel singers show in berlin. you are just amazing! can´t wait to hear more from you!!! all the best from germany

Adlher Rodriguez

January 31, 2008

The pictures are beautiful. Waiting for another opportunity to see and hear you sing.

Angela Anderson

January 27, 2008

Love the new look! Have a great 2008! I always wish you the best. Love you


January 22, 2008

stephanie I'm impressed as well as being proud of you, keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you. Tell may baby Regina that I'm still her man(lol) Taylor fron Nash,Tenn.

Richard Summers

January 21, 2008

Keep keeping on

Warren P. Martin

January 21, 2008

I can say I knew you when... Keep doing your thing... "Nothin' but love for ya" - Preston


January 21, 2008

Great job.

Georgia Kaleema Grange

January 21, 2008

You look beautiful .This is Georgia fom Laurelton. Peace and Blessings.


January 20, 2008

Hey Stephanie, I love your page! Good Luck to you...and I pray you continuously bless others with your precious voice.

P.S. In case you were wondering, I am one of one Regina's sorority sisters...*smile*


January 18, 2008

Wow look at ur changed a lot...looks good.
I hope 2008 is gonna be THE year for u Stepha!
I love what u do and i will always be there to support u!
Am glad to have a friend like u!
Love ya!

Regina T. Rice

January 15, 2008

I love the updated website! Steph you are not only a class act, but also a remarkable singer! I can't wait for your next gig stateside. :) Love you Sis!!!

Bob Rice

January 14, 2008

Not because you're my daughter, but this site will make anyone proud... I love you

Kevin Anderson

January 14, 2008

This site is amazing. Stephanie Rice is amazing. I can't wait to hear her first album.