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Stephanie Rice: Photos

Stephanie with People of Interest

Stephanie & Governor George Pataki
Stephanie & Jon Faddis
Stephanie & the Reverend Floyd Flake
Stephanie and Bob Myers - Up Over Jazz Cafe
Stephanie & Richie Goods at the Up Over Jazz Cafe
Stephanie & Wynton Marsalis
Stephanie & Jack Walrath
Stephanie with Archie
Stephanie with Assemblyman Leon Sanders

Citicorp Gig in Manhattan

Singing her heart out!
Stephanie watches as the piano player takes a solo
Singing a ballad

Little Shop of Horrors in Lancaster, PA

Stephanie the model!
Stephanie before the show
Stephanie with the Ronettes in "Little Shop of Horrors"

HGS Tour 2004-2005

Stephanie in Vienna, Austria - Ronacher Theater
Stephanie before the show in Austria
Stephanie at a Mozart Concert in Vienna, Austria

Miscellaneous Photos

Stephanie in Koln, Germany - January 2007
Stephanie and Friends in Germany - September 1999
Stephanie at a Chris Michael's Band Gig - Summer 2007
Stephanie & LaTonya Hall
Stephanie & Kevin Anthony
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